Friday, March 14, 2008

Eyes Wide Open

FYI: The Bush administration was planning for an Iraq occupation in January 2001.

Use these sources to learn the true costs of occupation, counter media distortions, express cogent arguments against continuing the occupation, explain viable alternatives to the present course, and generate collective action.

No Link between 911 and Iraq/Iraq Not a Viable Threat

The Financial Costs of War (Current- and Long-Term):

Casualties (American and Civilian):

US Preparing for US Draft/Allowing “Moral Waivers”

US Plan for War Against Iran/”The Secret War”

War Profiteers/Persecution of Whistleblowers

Government/Media Distortions:

History/Speeches (War is a Racket, A Time to Break Silence, Military-Industrial-Congressional Complex)

Alliances Between the US and Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein

Humanitarian Crisis/Effects of Depleted Uranium

US War-Occupation Creating More Terrorists/Destabilizing Allies,,2142774,00.htmlorg/now/shows/314/index.html

PTSD/Amputations/Traumatic Brain Injuries

Alternative Courses of Action:

Collective Action (Iraq Vets/Religious Organizations/Counter-Recruiting)

Updated Websites:

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